Journal- Page #4 (1/26/78 through 3/14/78)

Thursday 1/26/78
Early (for me) Dynamic Still Life Shot, from roll 78-09

On Monday I went to Art School, (The Art Institute in Pasadena) and the whole thing seemed like a bunch of hype. The whole thing down to the building, were just tools to sell the parents of prospective students. I still want to take one class to get a feel for the level of education there. On Wednesday I went to two J.C.s (Community Colleges) to see into night classes, so that I will not be without a darkroom. I will try to take an indepedent study class at Pierce, just so that I can have night darkroom privileges. I wanted to take a history of photography class, but I noticed that it is the same instructor that I had for the same class at O.C.C.

I have shot a dozen or so shots this week during lunch at work. I am going to try to wake-up early tommorrow, so that I can shoot before work.

Sunday 1/29/78
This weekend has been a high point photographically, not that it was a good high point either. Up until now, I have been able to print using the students darkroom, usually within one week of seeing the negatives, or within two weeks of shooting. I have always liked to see my work as soon as possible after shooting, so that I can improve and not wander off blind. Like Feedback. I would shoot and the resulting prints would be the feedback. Unless I can enroll in a Photo class on short notice, I will be without a printing facility. I saw the enlarger that I want in the paper (newspaper ad) but I was working and couldn't get it. It was sold before I could make arrangments to have it picked up by my parents. The Darkroom equipment that I have is like comparing a Jeweler using a Hammer and Chisel to cut a Diamond.

Well, the perfect weekend for shooting anyhow. My first weekend on-duty and the perfect weather for shooting. I shot rolls, mostly of the plant, unit 3 (work car), and La Crescenta-Montrose areas.
Unit #3 and The Plant
High Tension Transistion Poles (78-10, Frame #09) Another shot from Roll 78-10 (Frame #15) Another shot from Roll 78-10 (Frame #19)

I went out during lunch and shot several shots of Transistion Poles. I am working on roll 78-10, started at about shot number eight and went through shot number twenty (estimated). It was my first day of meter reading and I saw the possibilities of shooting around the neighborhoods. I hope weather permitting, I will complete Roll 78-10 tommorrow at lunch. I plan on shooting 78-11 Friday Morning (weather permitting), then take in Rolls 78-01 through 78-11 (Excluding 78-03) to C.P.S. to be processed. 2/4/78
I finished up 78-10 yesterday, on my way to C.P.S., shooting that area of downtown L.A. that I shot last year (2nd Place and Grand). Today looks like a pretty Sh*tty day for shooting.

Downtown Los Angeles (78-10, Frame #34) Downtown Los Angeles (78-10, Frame #36)

On Friday 2/10/78, a Flash Flood hit where I work. I shot a couple of rolls in the days following. I got all of my negatives back for rolls 78-01 through 78-10. The negatives look good as usual. Today I went to Freestyle and bought pages for Nega-File, 3 Rolls of Pan X, and one roll of kodachrome. I then went out and shot photos of the interchange at the Golden State and Palmdale Freeways, in B&W and Color. From now on, I will shoot my color on Kodachrome 25, and have it cut into strips, so that I can add it to my negative file. Therefore, the Slides (strips of 4) will in 78 be in my file & filing system. In 77, I didn't file the slides with my negatives.

Freeway Interchange

I shot color of the downtown area (about 15 shots).
From 2/20 through 3/2 No Shooting. I never felt the need to shoot, because I have too much material back-logged that I haven't printed yet.

Thursday: Rainy- I go to buy the enlarger that I saw in the paper. The Omega B-22XL. I got it with 2 lenses and carriers for $160 out the door. After that, I put in my application at Soho Photo Gallery with 31 Realms and Prints. I am interested in getting a Sony Betamax with camera for an expansion of my artwork, although it will never take over still Photography as my main interest, but will instead add to strengthen it. I will do video stuff that doesn't need to be watched with full attention, but is there like background music.

Area where Flash Flood hit (Roll 78-19)

Tuesday, I went out during lunch and shot the High Tension Towers in color. I liked the results of the B&W shots. I used appx. the same angles for the color. Over the weekend at work, (3/12) I shot a roll and 1/2 of: Sand Bags, Disaster area, and Plant. (Sewage Plant where I worked) On Thursday, I will shop for the VTR. (Video Tape Recorder) I have quite a few ideas and I want to get into it now. Now with all of the VTRs for the home, a new artform will emerge, and I want to help make it happen. Tommorrow I will shoot during lunch.

Shot from roll 78-19 (Lunch Hour) Another Lunch Hour shot (Roll 78-19)

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